Press Releases - Article 2

San Signs Adds 2 New State-of-the-Art Printers

San Signs is proud to announce the acquisition of 2 new state-of-the-art printers to increase scalability and efficiency.

Roland SolJet SC-540 PRO II Series Specs:

•  Hi-Fi JET PRO II, model FJ-540 (54" printer)
•  CAMM JET PRO II, model CJ-540 (54" printer/cutter)
•  SOLJET PRO II, model SJ-740/540 and SC-540 (74", 54" printers and 54" printer/cutter)
With the PRO II Series, Roland has integrated all of its technological knowledge and manufacturing expertise into every single component to achieve both high-speed and stunning color reproduction. The Hi-Fi JET PRO II's true 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution is ideal for enlargements of fine art, photography, or mural size graphics. Roland's water-based pigment ink offers exceptionally bright color as well as UV stability. The CAMM JET PRO II combines all of the high-performance printing features of the Hi-Fi JET PRO II and precision contour cutting adopted from Roland's renowned CAMM-1 PRO cutting technology. The SOLJET PRO II incorporates legendary Roland printing quality with revolutionary SOL INK to produce high-fidelity outdoor signs and banners with outstanding durability. SOLJET PRO II is available in three models consisting of two print-only devices and the SC-540 which includes contour cutting. Designed especially for the PRO II Series, new powerful Roland SelectColorTM(RSC) software RIP is included in all models.

"Since we began focusing on the print-based signmaking market in 1996, we have been eager to do something in a way that only Roland could do." said M. Osamura, Roland DG Senior Marketing Manager. "It was important for Roland to provide complete solutions versus just offering hardware. The RIP, media and ink are among the necessary components for wide-format printers. We are confident that Roland continues to offer the best complete package with our hardware. To meet the individual demands of signmakers, we expanded our inkjet solutions to the Hi-Fi JET, CAMM JET, and recently introduced SOLJET for outdoor durable applications. Continuing in the tradition of Roland printing quality, five models of the PRO II Series were developed, all more productive solutions with faster throughput and greater ease of use. Users can choose the best printer for them depending upon their needs," said Osamura.

PRO II Features:

•  Prints up to 28 m(squared)/hr (300 sqft/hr)
•  Unsurpassed color reproduction by IntelligentPrintControlTM and variable droplet technology
•  Astounding photo realistic quality from true 1440x1440 dpi resolution
•  Powerful and easy-to-use Roland SelectColorTM RIP included
•  6-color printing - 12 ink cartridges (6x2)
•  Precision contour cutting (for CAMM JET CJ-540 and SOLJET SC-540)
•  A wide variety of choices from five models in three product lines

HP McDermid ColorSpan 5460 Specs:

Add versatility to your business with this affordable, intelligently designed printer series that converts easily from a roll-fed to a flatbed printer. Print directly on rigid display boards or flexible media using UV-curable inks with built-in HP quality.
Produce the print quality your customers demand.
Piezo printheads deliver variable-sized micro droplets of ink to achieve resolutions of 600 x 300, 600 x 600, and 1200 x 600 dpi. The six-ink HP Designjet H35500 Printer delivers even higher apparent image quality -- up to 1800 dpi.
HP Designjet 788 inks and variable drop-size printheads combine to produce a greater image detail and smoother color transitions across a wide variety of media.
HP Designjet 788 inks cure instantly and print directly on inexpensive, uncoated media and flexible substrates for durable indoor and outdoor applications.
Print on flexible roll-fed materials such as banner vinyl, adhesive vinyl, canvas, paper, and backlit film or print directly on rigid material up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick and 98 inches (2.5 m) in length. No laminating, transferring, or mounting required.
Designed to fit any space, this well-designed, hybrid UV printer easily converts from a roll-fed to a flatbed printer, minimizing floor space. The tables extend outward from 36 to 60 inches (91.4 to 152.4 cm) to support board lengths up to 98 inches (2.5 m).

Because the ink cures quickly with UV light exposure, you no longer need to wait for media to dry. Media is ready to go immediately, straight from the printer. And because you can print directly on rigid media, you no longer need to spend the extra time and material expense for mounting or laminating.
HP continues to build on years of experience to deliver the built-in reliability and ease-of-use your business expects from our products. HP engineers have thought through every detail. Designed for simplicity, this hands-off printer eliminates any need to clean the printheads manually and ensures that the printer is always ready to print. The printer's automated printhead service station maintains the health of the printheads while operating or idle -- without intervention.

The printer senses media edges and adjusts the media to position it precisely. Automatic printhead height adjustment allows the printer to accept and adjust to rigid sheet-fed media up to 1 inch (25 mm) thick.

Redefine usability and minimize training time and costs with this simple, graphical, touchscreen control panel. This intuitive interface clearly displays printer status at a glance and enables easy navigation. The control panel displays the most frequently used functions and enables you to interact with the printer when changing media and ink, responding to an error condition, or configuring options. Printer help, interactive procedures, and diagnostics reduce troubleshooting time.

To save your business time and simplify your workflow, the HP Designjet H35000 Printer series offers quality and trouble-free printing you can count on. And if you ever do need support, HP's high-quality support is among the best. Experience peace of mind, knowing you're covered.

•  Print Technology: UV-Curable Flatbed-Rollfed Hybrid Printer
•  Max Width: 24 to 54 inches (61 to 137 cm)
•  Print Heads: Variable Drop Volume Piezo Printheads
•  Max. Print Speed: 197 sf-h (18 m2-h) @ 600x600-dpi Billboard Mode or 600x300-dpi Production Mode; 48 sf-h (9 m2-h) @ 1200x600-dpi Production Mode
•  Media Handling: Rigid Flat Sheets and Rollfed
•  OnBoard Dryer: Dual High-Intensity UV Lamps provide instant curing of ink printing in both directions
•  Ink Type: HP Designjet 788 UV-curable pigmented ink
•  Ink Capacity: 1 liter per color